Should Christians involve themselves in online debates?

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I have noticed a lot of posts on Facebook lately that are political in nature, and each new tragedy, debate or major news story brings out more of them.

I am trying my best to avoid all types of political talk because I really don’t want to wade into another useless online — or offline — discussion about political candidates or parties, guns, abortion, global warming, tolerance, racism, sexism, etc.

After all, has anyone ever been swayed by a comment on Facebook regarding a political issue? It’s doubtful. If it has happened, it’s rare indeed.

However, has anyone ever been moved or touched by a message of joy, hope, love, comfort, encouragement, forgiveness, healing or purpose? That happens all the time.

Those type of messages seem to stand out more prominently in a platform devoted to selfishness and negativity. I can’t wait for more vacation images and back-to-school pictures to appear on Facebook!

One of my mentors shared with me some practical advice the other day. I asked him if he, as an author, ever felt the urge to weigh in on some of those online discussions by correcting false statements and by pointing people toward God.

He reminded me that we, as Christians, often have our job descriptions mixed up. We’re actually in the business of promoting God’s love, and not in the management of it. That’s up to God. He’s the CEO. We’re in sales.

That’s a great point.

People are looking for answers. They are looking for hope. They want to experience joy. When trapped in situations for which they have little control, they want to know that God is in charge and that he has a plan.

In a book I recently completed titled 2 Chairs, the author encourages people to ask three questions about any problem:

  • Does God know about the situation?
  • Is it too hard for him to handle?
  • Does he have a good plan for YOU?

The answers to the first two questions are obvious. Yes, he is intimately aware of your situation, thoughts, worries, concerns, temptations, anger, fear, health, finances, and whatever else is going on in your life or the world, for that matter.

No, it’s not too hard for God to handle. Ephesians 4:20 reminds us that God is able to do more than we can ask or imagine. His wisdom and resources are infinite.

If the answer to the third question is “no” or “I don’t know,” then seeking God’s plan and his answers are far more likely to yield much better results that any online debate with acquaintances and strangers ever will.

So, grab a cup of coffee or some other beverage, pull up a chair and talk it over with God. Then listen for his reassuring voice. He will give you the answers you’re seeking and the strength you need to see it through.

In 1 Corinthians 2:9-10, Paul reminds us “What no eye has seen, what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived —the things God has prepared for those who love him — these are the things God has revealed to us by his Spirit.”

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Greg Gerber

A native of Wisconsin who moved to Arizona in 2009, Greg Gerber is a DODO -- Dad of Daughters Only -- to three grown daughters. He worked as a journalist for many years before pursuing a career as a faith-based writer, author, coach and speaker. Greg is the author of Pornocide: How Lust is Killing Your Faith, Stealing Your Joy and Destroying Your Life.

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