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The ideal devotional for children

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When I was a father of three girls, finding ways to teach them about matters of faith was difficult in our home divided by two competing Christian denominations. However, this resource would have made a world of difference.

Author and pastor Tim Challies wrote a review of Meeting with Jesus: A Daily Bible Reading Plan for Kids, a book written by David Murray which is available on Amazon.

The book is intended for children aged 6-12 and offers short, 5-minute devotionals that will help children build a life-long habit of reading Scripture and praying, Challies explained.

Children often wonder how can they “meet Jesus” when he is in Heaven and they are on Earth.

“This book will help you to read the Bible, to hear it preached, and to discuss it with others. My hope and prayer is that in doing so you will meet Jesus in and through the Bible, as millions of others have,” Murray explained.

The book is structured around 50 “meetings” with Jesus, and each meeting is a week’s worth of devotions, said Challies. The week begins with “Talking to Jesus,” which is a place to record prayers and “Remembering Jesus” which is a memory verse.

From Monday to Saturday there is a brief Scripture passage to read and a simple question to answer. Sunday includes a place to record some thoughts and answer some questions about that week’s sermon.

To read Challies’ full review and see sample pages of the book, visit

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