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Peter Heck: A Christian take on student loan forgiveness

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Peter Heck, who is an independent journalist and part-time pastor, has written an excellent editorial regarding what Christians may think about plans to forgive all student loan debt.

As he tries to navigate another minefield that threatens to divide Americans even further, he makes a few notable observations.

First, he shares a personal experience where he opted against going in to debt to get another degree and choosing to reinvest the funds on things that had a greater impact on his family.

He also notes that the concept of debt forgiveness has roots in Christianity because Christ paid for our sins and, as a result, his death on the cross cancelled the debt we owe to God.

However, politicians are hijacking Christianity once again by comparing a one-time canceling of student loan debt with God’s directive that we practice a Jubilee year every 50 years. Peter sets that record straight in short order.

He explained that Jubilee:

  • Was God-ordained and commanded.
  • Everyone knew it would occur.
  • Everyone knew when it would happen.
  • Strict instructions were given for the sale, management, and ownership of land to prevent the people from taking advantage of one another.
  • It was universal, covering all debts.

“Now, compare that to what is being proposed by Senators Schumer and Warren, and at least partially embraced by Biden himself,” Peter wrote. “They are advocating an arbitrary, presumably one-time act that would substantially benefit one small group, to the exclusion of, and to the detriment of all others.”

He closes his opinion column by showing the correlation between universities that are artificially raising prices, which cause the government and banks to loan more money to pay for the increases and, thus, render college unaffordable to most people without going into debt.

Peter’s column is worth the time to read it. You can find it at

If time is short, the Babylon Bee has a satirical story that sums up the issue only as the Bee can in the article titled Hard Working Plumber Looking Forward To Paying For His Neighbor’s Gender Studies Degree.

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