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Where to go when you have nowhere to go

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I dare you to read this story without having a tear well up or Christbumps going down your arms!

An unidentified blogger at authored a wonderful story about herself as a young mother who had reached the end of her rope while her husband was traveling — again — and the kids were acting up in their own frustration.

Titled “Where to go when there is nowhere to go,” the writer set the stage by identifying herself as a mother with three children under 10 years old. Her husband had just boarded a plane in St. Louis for another week-long trip to China, and the children were angry with mom for letting daddy go.

The tears escalated into full-blown temper tantrums upon reaching home, so the frustrated mother sent the kids to bed early without the promised movie the family was planning to watch together.

While I brushed my teeth, I had a private, nonverbal rant with God. You know the kind of private tirade where your mind spins in circles with thoughts you think, but never dare say out loud for fear of looking like an utter mess,” she wrote.

Do you see how everyone treats me? Do you see how I am here every morning, every day, and every night? But they want Tom more than me!  (Tears) Do you see me wiping mouths, wiping bottoms, and wiping floors day in and day out? Who is taking care of every detail? Am I completely forgotten and unimportant, a nobody? No one sees me. What about me, God?” she asked.

Then the unexpected happened. God answered.

He lovingly whispered His thoughts into the depths of my being, ‘Tommy’s name is Beautiful.’ I spit the toothpaste from my mouth as he spoke to me about our first-born son. God tenderly whispered again, ‘Johnny’s name is Precious,’ I dropped my toothbrush as I heard him speak of our second son. ‘And Iris,’ He said affectionately, ‘Iris’ name is Wonderful.’ I dropped to my knees convicted of my attitude and cried,” the young mother admitted.

“When God spoke to me, it was not just His words that were transformational; it’s was His heart behind His words. I felt the definiteness in His message. He spoke with clarity, certainty; and His presence brought a sense of safety that I had never felt before.

“He didn’t speak to me about my behavior, my children’s, or my husband’s; He affirmed who my children were. A heavenly kingdom principle that would eventually transform my heart,” she explained.

Personally, I have been there myself many times. When convicted by the Holy Spirit about my attitude or behavior, I have yet to feel condemned. Satan is the accuser, not God. When God speaks, it is always affirming in a way that calls me to rise up and embrace the man he knows I was created to be.

When God speaks, there is a sense of peace and comfort about the moment — a sense of love that I have longed to feel in my heart since I was a very little boy. There is a reassurance that everything will be okay and that I haven’t screwed up anything beyond God’s ability to fix it and completely restore it.

In the blog, the woman’s story continues when she tells her children how God described them. That opened the door for two more encounters with God: one involving her children speaking with him directly, and another with the woman meekly asking God to tell her his name for her.

I strongly encourage you to take a moment and read this woman’s heartfelt story at

I especially loved her conclusion.

“If you feel that you are unimportant, under-valued, or unseen, lay it all out on the table and call out to God. He wants you to bring your cares to Him, even if they are full of self-pity, complaining, and criticism,” she wrote. “He is the only person that can take toxic emotions and exchange them for gentle whispers of truth that brings clarity to your unique identity.

“Ask God to reveal how He sees you and those you love, and He will tell you the truth in a way that is unique to you and your relationship with Him. That truth will be a springboard to living your life with renewed purpose and passion.”

As this vulnerable woman discovered, when you have nowhere to go to unload your feelings, frustrations, worries and anger, there really is only one place to go — to God himself.

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A native of Wisconsin who moved to Arizona in 2009, Greg Gerber is a DODO -- Dad of Daughters Only -- to three grown daughters. He worked as a journalist for many years before pursuing a career as a faith-based writer, author, coach and speaker. Greg is the author of Pornocide: How Lust is Killing Your Faith, Stealing Your Joy and Destroying Your Life.

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