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Countering a 10-point plan to destroy Christianity

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I saw an interesting, but alarming story this week about the woman who founded the New Age Movement and drafted a 10-point plan to destroy Christianity.

It was interesting in that a wide swath of 21st century society believes it would be possible to destroy a 2,000-year-old faith that grows fastest in periods of persecution. It was alarming because even a cursory review of the plan shows evidence of the fierce battle underway to enact those points one by one.

In her writings, Alice Bailey sought to merge the occult with theology into what she called a “theosophy” that would enlighten the world with “divine wisdom” extracted by telepathically connecting with spirit entities. In other words, she sought higher wisdom by communicating with evil spirits.

Her books were originally printed by the Lucifer Publishing Company, a firm that later changed its name to the more subtle Lucis Trust. By toning down her obvious infatuation with mainstreaming Satanic thought, she garnered the respect of scholars and the United Nations.

Bailey is widely credited with founding what is known as the New Age Movement, a belief that individuals can be gods of their own lives through an enlightenment process of spiritual evolution. This claptrap is popular on college campuses, especially in the area of education and philosophy. Many Hollywood celebrities embrace New Age teachings as well.

According to the article by Stewart Kabatebate appearing at, “One of the main agendas of the New Age Movement is to become the dominant religion or lifestyle within the entire world. Therefore in order for New Age philosophies to become dominant, then all other religions, especially Christianity, must either be destroyed or become less of a spiritual influence within society and in the individual lives of people.”

Because this “religion” is so popular on college campuses and among celebrity influencers, the New Age philosophy attracts a lot of younger people and what I call the ABC crowd — weak-minded individuals who are willing to embrace Anything But Christ in seeking answers for their lives or understanding the complex problems of the world.

Bailey’s 10-point plan to destroy Christianity builds its foundation on these planks:

    1. Take God and prayer out of the education system.
    2. Reduce parental authority over children.
    3. Destroy the Judeo-Christian family structure or the traditional Christian family structure.
    4. If sex is free, then make abortion legal and make it easy.
    5. Make divorce easy and legal to free people from the concept of marriage for life.
    6. Make homosexuality an alternative lifestyle.
    7. Debase art and make it run mad.
    8. Use media to promote and change mindsets.
    9. Create an interfaith movement.
    10. Get governments to make all these law and get the church to endorse these changes.

In noting how evident it is that each of the 10 points has either already been implemented or is well on its way to being adopted by society at large, Kabatebate correctly cites the warning found in 1 Timothy 4:1, “The Spirit clearly says that in later times some will abandon the faith and follow deceiving spirits and things taught by demons.”

Kabatebate masterfully analyzes each of the 10 points to show what has been done to implement them, and what the Bible says to counter each of Satan’s methods.

The article would be good to review by any Christian, especially parents of students of all ages to help them identify the lies at the foundation of the New Age movement and the subtle ways in which they are being expressed in order to crush their faith. That way the students can spiritually discern the falsehoods and overcome them with Biblical truth.

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Greg Gerber

A native of Wisconsin who moved to Arizona in 2009, Greg Gerber is a DODO -- Dad of Daughters Only -- to three grown daughters. He worked as a journalist for many years before pursuing a career as a faith-based writer, author, coach and speaker. Greg is the author of Pornocide: How Lust is Killing Your Faith, Stealing Your Joy and Destroying Your Life.

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