Fatherless DNA

One of my ongoing projects is so big that it can’t be accomplished without God’s help. I will focus on the issue of fatherlessness. It’s a huge problem in society and more evidence of its devastating impact surfaces every day.

The new mission will focus on writing three books:

Fatherless DNA — How being fatherless changed who you are from who you were meant to be, and how to change it back.

Formerly Fatherless – A children’s book that teaches boys and girls that although they might not have an earthly father in their lives, their heavenly father will never let them down. He will ensure that other men come into their lives to support them at just the right time and teach them important things.

Fathered-Less — Help and encouragement for those people who have biological fathers who are distant or uninvolved in their lives; again pointing to a loving heavenly father who will never abandon them and desperately wants a relationship with them.

I am also looking to develop a church-based program to help fatherless children. Right now, for lack of a better name, it is called Buppas. The goal is to match truly fatherless children with experienced fathers caught in the transition between the empty nest and being called back into active duty as grandfathers.

With men in the church matched to children in the same church, there are a lot of eyeballs on the relationships — more so than with Big Brothers Big Sisters that matches an unknown man (often single and childless) to an unknown child.

I know child safety is a hot-button issue today. But, we can no longer afford to just do nothing to support fatherless children within the church. I think it is time for children’s “ministry” to live up to its name and actually minister to the needs of children within the church — not just provide an hour of biblical edutainment every week.

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