7-year-old girl sells lemonade to pay for her own brain surgery

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Lisa Scott is 7 years old and facing a life-or-death situation. But, the girl from Birmingham, Ala., is not just sitting back waiting for things to unfold. She’s taking action to nudge the dominoes to fall in her direction.

The bright young lady has malformations in the right side of her brain. It’s a rare condition for people to have one such malformation, but Lisa has three. The problem has caused Lisa to suffer from several grand mal seizures which can trigger violent muscle contractions that leave her unconscious, Fox8 TV reported.

Lisa’s situation is compounded by the fact her mother, Elizabeth, is a single parent of two who also runs a bakery to make ends meet. Brain surgery isn’t something she can really budget for, so Elizabeth bought additional insurance to help pay for Liza’s brain surgeries. But with travel and hotel costs heaped on top of medical expenses, the family was nearing $10,000 in out-of-pocket expenses on Feb. 26, the station noted.

So, the “spunky, loving, fearless, bright, happy girl” jumped in to earn money herself to cover some of her expenses by selling a special blend of lemonade from a little stand set up inside the bakery.

Lisa hoped to raise $25,000 through the sale of lemonade and other donations, but she amassed $372,000 in less than 10 days.

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