Christian charity lets kids select their sponsors

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This is an interesting twist on providing help to children in impoverished countries.

I have been a sponsor of two girls through Compassion International for more than 10 years. In each instance, I selected the child who I would sponsor after reading a child’s profile

For the past 70 years, World Vision sponsors have picked the child they want to support, but the global Christian organization based in the United States is launching a new initiative so kids can now choose their own sponsors in a program called “Chosen,” Fox News reported.

The program starts with people in the United States signing up and deciding to be “chosen,” by submitting a photo online or in-person at a church or Christian concert partnering with World Vision.

The photo is sent to a community where World Vision works to be displayed with other potential sponsors. Then the community gathers for a celebration called a “choosing party” where kids pick out who they want to sponsor them.

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The more I think about the idea, the more I like it.

It gives the child some control in his or her life that must feel out of control many days. It creates an instant connection between sponsor and child.

It also involves the entire community and they make a celebration out of the entire event.

Now sponsors can feel the same emotions in knowing that they were “selected” that children have felt waiting for months to learn if someone — anyone — would ever select them.

I hope it takes off!

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