Deputy fired for following Billy Graham rule

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Society is so fickle.

It will condemn a man for failure to exert self-control when it comes to assaulting a women, and condemn a man for exercising self-control to avoid situations that put him in close proximity to other women.

If the #MeToo movement did anything, it made men fearful of having any contact with unrelated women that is not done in public or in the presence of either witnesses or video cameras.

That’s why this story out of North Carolina is so frustrating.

A sheriff’s deputy was fired after he refused to be alone with a female trainee. He claimed it violated his Christian beliefs, but it is also a common sense practice for personal protection for both parties.

The unemployed deputy is suing the county for religious discrimination. I hope he wins.

From Fox News:

A former sheriff’s deputy in North Carolina is suing for $300,000 in damages, claiming he was fired for trying to adhere to the so-called “Billy Graham Rule.”

“Manuel Torres holds the strong and sincere religious belief that the Holy Bible prohibits him, as a married man, from being alone for extended periods with a female who is not his wife,” the federal lawsuit states, according to the Charlotte Observer.

Torres claims he was fired soon after objecting to being put in that situations, and his boss expressed anger about repeated requests to be excused from the assignment. Afterward, he claims other law enforcement agencies declined to hire him after learning about his Lee County dispute.

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