Egypt legalizes 127 churches

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This story demonstrates just how powerful prayer works.

Egypt is a primarily Muslim nation. Yet, government officials cleared the way for 127 Christian churches to be legally recognized, and that number could rise to 3,000.

The process of bringing the light of Christian faith may not be moving as quickly as some people would hope.

But, imagine what this type of foothold can have on strengthening the kingdom in that region of the world!

From The Christian Post:

Egypt has greenlit the legalization of 127 congregations that were previously operating without a government permit in the latest wave of recent church approvals.

According to the International Christian Concern, the recent permit approvals for the churches came through a committee that the majority Muslim nation created in 2016.

“The committee is a result of a 2016 law which purported to streamline the legalization process for churches. Egypt has a long history of regulating the building of churches, but many churches were not able to complete this process. Instead, they were built illegally,” explained ICC.

“The 2016 law created the committee which would reportedly legalize all churches existing before 2016 — an estimated number just reaching over 3,000.”

The full story is available at The Christian Post.

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