Pro-life group unveils flag to unite movement opposing abortion

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The Pro-Life Flag Project unveiled the winning design in a worldwide contest to develop a banner to unite people opposing abortion.

More than 1,000 designs were submitted, according to The Christian Post.

The flag was created by Brazilian graphic designer Nanda Gasperini. It features pink and blue stripes running horizontally across the middle of the flag with pink and blue baby feet surrounded by the loving hands of the baby’s mother enclosed in a circle at the flag’s center.

The image is full of symbolism, the story explained, including:

  • The white background represents non-violence in the womb and the innocence of an unborn child.
  • The baby feet represent humanity of the child.
  • Pink hands represent the pregnant mother holding and protecting her unborn child.
  • The circle shape evokes imagery of a woman’s womb as a safe, secure place for a child.
  • Pink and blue stripes emphasize two distinct human lives — male and female — involved in creating a pregnancy

The Pro-Life Flag Project has secured a license on the design so that any pro-life non-profit organization may freely copy, reproduce, promote, and sell any products containing the design, the project’s website revealed. The organization wants the flag displayed on bumper stickers, t-shirts, lapel pins, hats and flagpoles.

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The full story can be found at The Christian Post.

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