The Chosen TV series ends second season with 200 million online views

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The Chosen is one of my favorite shows. It depicts the life of Jesus as seen through the eyes of his disciples.

Yes, Jesus still does miracles, but before an unbelieving group of ragtag men and women struggling to understand who this Messiah really is and what is expected of them.

The series is the most successful crowd-funded television show in history. Best of all, because of the generosity of people “paying it forward, The Chosen is completely free to view via an app available for Android and Apple devices. Season One is also available on YouTube.

A story in The Washington Times said the season opener was viewed by 750,000 people and 1.25 million people are subscribed to the show’s YouTube channel. Director Dallas Jenkins hopes that 1 billion people will have seen the show before it wraps up after seven seasons.

“The overwhelming majority of viewers watch via a smartphone/tablet app for The Chosen, making its viewership unusual in a world still largely dependent on broadcast and cable networks, or pay-to-view services such as HBO,” the article noted.

“The disciples, religious leaders of the day, and even the Roman soldiers are also humanized. Matthew Levi, the tax collector, displays touches of obsessive-compulsive disorder and Asperger’s syndrome. Simon Peter’s family struggles, including a wife who suddenly learns about their hyper-precarious finances, are on full display. Nicodemus, the Jewish leader who approaches Jesus by night, is shown navigating the political atmosphere of his spiritual office and his conflict having seen Jesus’ miracles,” it added.

Each episode has been excellent, but it’s the actors selected to portray the characters who make the show so successful and believable.

Jonathon Roumie plays Jesus. He laughs, he’s serious, he tells jokes, he confounds his disciples by taking them out of their comfort zones, he heals, he probes, he challenges, but he never backs down. Just ask the Pharisees who badger him at every opportunity.

The final episode of Season 2 airs the evening of July 11 and features the long-awaited Sermon on the Mount, which is a defining moment in Jesus’ mission.

You can view that episode’s trailer at or the Season Two trailer as well.

All of Season One and some behind-the-scenes footage from both seasons is available on The Chosen‘s official YouTube channel.

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